Off Course Phalarope

Off Course Phalarope

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mr and Mrs 3rd May 2014

At 3pm on 3rd May 2014 Andrew and I tied the knot in St Peters Church Addingham. It was a beautiful sunny day and one we'll remember forever.

We had a fancy dress wedding day fell race in the morning 'Fells & Bells'. Many of our friends came along and most dressed up:

The lasses ran clockwise and the lads ran anti clockwise, and Andrew and I met at the Beacon half way round...

....before continuing on our separate ways and joining again to run in together at the finish:

The race was followed by beers and a pork pie and cheese wedding cake feast in the church hall.

It was a huge amount of fun and the beer and feast went down a treat!
Our Friends Martyn and Helen provided luxury camper van transport for us and Martyn chaufered my Dad and I to the church. Every detail was attended to and I arrived at the church feeling relaxed and ready for the big moment.

When I arrived at the church door with Dad, Jill our Rector was waiting to greet us and lead us down the aisle. I felt quite humbled and very special as I glided down the aisle to Andrew.

 After exchanging vows and rings we lit our wedding candle:

The wedding service was followed by tea and cake in the church hall. Andrew and I snuck off for a quiet moment and some photographs:

But this was not the end of the day!

The evening do was a quieter affair; a meal and poetry with family and a few friends. Delicious food, great company, and much merriment!

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